Programming Contests at
St. Petersburg State University


This site provides information on programming contests at the St. Petersburg State University.


May 24, 2017: St. Petersburg State University Team receives ACM ICPC World Finals gold medal!
May 19, 2016: St. Petersburg State University Team becomes ACM ICPC World Finals champion!


Testing system

Our online testing system provides access to various training sessions. Use web client to access it.

Recent contests

December 17, 2017: XLIX SPb SU Championship. Results available.
October 15, 2017: XLVIII SPb SU Championship. Results available.
April 16, 2017: X School SPb SU Cup. Results available.


Past contest results are available.
Hall of fame: explore our achievements.


Lines in space by Nikolay Durov (in Russian) (ps, dvi, pdf).

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